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Sarah us a passionate sports and rehabilitation Chiropractor. 

She loves helping people perform their best whether at the gym, on the golf course or just in day to day life. Sarah is comfortable treating all areas of the body and commonly works on extremities. 

As a child Sarah suffered from recurrent neck pain and headaches. After seeing many practitioners her mother finally took her to see a chiropractor. The chiropractor was able to help Sarah understand her condiiton and to prevent her condiiton from happening so frequently. Sarah made a decision that she wanted to be able to help people the same way the Chiropractor helped her. 

Sarah has a certificate IV in massage therapy and worked with various NRL teams along with NSW cricket in her capacity as a massage therapist. Sarah completed her 5 year Masters degree of Chiropractic at Macquarie Uni in 2012. Sarah believes that knowledge is pwoer and therefore believes that educating patients about their body and how it works is vital. Outside of work Sarah is a mum of 2 young kids and in her spare time she loves running, pilates and spending time outdoors. 

Outside of her degree Sarah has completed further study in Musculoskeletal dry needling, selective Functional Movement Assessment SFMA (level 1 and 2) Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation DNS (Level A, Exercise 1, Exercise 2 and Ypga in Rehabilitation, Women's Health and Pelvic Fitness) Running and Gait Analysis MAT Functional assessment and functional treatment and Training, Paediatrics and Pregnancy. 


02 9184 7955

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